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April 1, 2, 3, & 8, 9, 10
Deanne Crook
Music Director

Kevin Alleman

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We are pleased to announce the cast for River Valley Players

Production of Disney's FREAKY FRIDAY:


Ellie Blake: Ella Bergfeld

Katherine Blake: Trisha Bagby

Fletcher Blake: Dylan Kofoid

Mike: Bob Philip

Gretchen: Anna Rediger

Hannah: Olivia Bergfeld

Adam: Regan Reynolds

Savannah: Zoe Starkey

Parker L: Dalton Dean

Parker S: Bobby Gaspardo

Wells: Chip Ala

Laurel: Georgia Sharwarko

Torrey: Jaelyn Zoss

Grandpa Gordon/Señor O’Brien/Wells’s Dad: Jeff Sudakov

Grandma Helene/Adam's Mom: Jane Knapp

Danielle/Ms. Meyers/Officer Sitz: Emily Boes

Louis/Mr. Blumen/Dr. Ehrin/Parker’s Dad: David Fritz

Pastor Bruno: Cyndy Bruch

Mrs. Luckenbill/Gretchen's Mom: Christine Gaspardo

Officer Kowalski: Jeremiah Noar

Mrs. Time/Savannah's Mom/Caiter Water: Elizabeth Wild

Savannah’s Minions: Taylor Frawley & Emma Gaspardo

Fish Vendor: Eric Carlson

From Freaky Friday director, Deanne Crook:

We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to audition for Freaky Friday. To the cast: see you Sunday at 2:00 for our first rehearsal!!

Emma  Gaspardo

Eric Carlson

Faythe Carlson

Gabriel Ebert

Georgia Sharwarko

Jane Knapp

Jeff Sudakov

Jeremiah Noar

Ryan Bogner

Taylor Frawley

Taylor Rowe


Ava Sollenberger

Bella Gaspardo

Brooke Ulm

Bobby Gaspardo

Chip Ala

Christine Gaspardo

Cyndy Bruch

Dalton Dean

David Fritz

Dayton Maubach

Elizabeth Wild

Emily Boes

RVP FF mar 14.jpg


River Valley Players will open their 45th season with a joyful new musical romp, Disney’s Freaky Friday , The Musical on “Freaky Friday”  April 1 with continued performances April 2,3,8,9, and10 . Pictured are the Trisha Bagby who portrays an uberorganized mother, and her spontaneous teenage daughter ( Ella Bergfeld ) who magically  swap bodies. They have just one day to put things right. Masquerading as each other, they work together to solve the mystery on how to break the spell. By spending a day in each other’s shoes, Katherine and Ellie come to appreciate one another in a way they never could have imagined.

 Audiences will have a ball with this dynamic new musical which has been adapted for the stage by some of the top creative minds in the musical theater industry. While ripe with comedy, the storyline also focuses on empathy, what it’s like to see the world from someone else’s perspective and to literally stand in someone else’s shoes.

River Valley Players is pleased to bring this sensational new musical to the River Valley area. Tickets are $20 for show-only performances with a variety of delicious homemade desserts available for purchase on Friday, April 1 and 8. Our traditional dinner theater ticket option will be offered on April 2, 3, 9, and 10. Your $38 ticket includes the show and is preceded by a wonderful buffet dinner, salad bar, three beverages, and dessert catered by The Meeting Place. Sunday Performances are matinee with dinner served at 12:30 p.m. Saturday performances, the meal is served at 6:30 p.m. Performances are held at St. John XXlll Community Center, 1301 2nd St., Henry. For tickets, contact the box office at 309-238-7878 or visit the tickets page on this website.

Director/Choreographer: Deanne Crook
Music Director: Kevin Alleman
Audition Dates: January 8 & 9 at 6:00 pm
*Those auditioning for Fletcher should contact the director to set up a time*
Callback Date: January 11
Audition Location: St. John XXIII Community Center, 1301 2nd St., Henry, IL
Production Dates: April 1,2, 3, 8, 9, 10
Audition Ages: 12 through adult (must be able to play high school aged and older) PLUS one boy (or a girl willing to play a boy) who is able to pass for 8-10 years old.

Auditions are open for all roles.

Audition requirements:
A 32-bar cut/1-minute song selection from a contemporary musical or pop rock song that compliments the score of FREAKY FRIDAY. Backing tracks are recommended (CD/Bluetooth player will be available.) Accompanist will NOT be provided.

Everyone will be taught a movement combination and should come prepared with proper dance attire.

Those auditioning for a speaking role will be asked to read from the script.

ALL AGES LISTED BELOW ARE STAGE AGES (i.e. must be able to appear that age)

Katherine Blake (Female, 40-50) a single mother who runs her own catering business. Overprotective and Type A, she believes she can have it all by doing it all: event planning, designing, and catering her own perfect wedding. Must also portray Ellie in Katherine's body. Strong belter. All Ethnicities.

Ellie Blake (Female, must look 15) - the hero of the story. A rumpled, disorganized "everygirl." She is smart, funny, and passionate about her school's underground scavenger hunt, but sees herself as a "Whats-her-name," and easily forgotten, unlike her "perfect" mom. Must also portray Katherine in Ellie's body. Strong belter. All Ethnicities

Fletcher Blake (Male, must look  - Katherine's eccentric son and Ellie's younger brother. He is a budding puppeteer who habitually annoys his sister (but secretly looks up to her). Could be played by either girl or boy. All Ethnicities

Mike Riley/Ensemble (Male 40’s) – Katherine’s fiancé and a contractor by trade. A warm, reliable, easygoing guy. He adores Katherine and her kids. Bari-tenor. All Ethnicities

Adam/Ensemble (Male, teen) love interest for Ellie. Slouchy and scruffy, he is a paragon of adorable cool. Acts as the “List Master” of the school’s annual underground scavenger hunt. Tenor. All Ethnicities

Torrey/Ensemble (20s-30s) – Katherine’s assistant - a high-strung perfectionist. Supporting role-comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style. All Ethnicities

Savannah/Ensemble (Female, teen) The villain - brilliant, aggressive, a winner. Dancing a plus. Supporting role-comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style. All Ethnicities

Hannah/Ensemble (Female, teen) Ellie’s best friend - intense, emotional, lacks confidence. Supporting role-comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style. All Ethnicities

Gretchen/Ensemble (Female, teen) Also Ellie’s best friend - hacker-geek, self-described nerd. Supporting role-comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style. All Ethnicities

Wells/Photographer/Ensemble (Male, teen) Ellie’s friend - dorky but not meek, best friends with Parker. Dancer. Featured role-comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style. All Ethnicities

Parker/Ensemble (Male, teen) Ellie’s friend - completely average, best friends with Wells. Featured role-comfortable singing the contemporary/pop musical theatre style. All Ethnicities

Ensemble (Any gender 12-adult) Seeking teenage and adult actors with fantastic singing voices of all ethnicities to be both ensemble and featured roles including teachers, grandparents, cops, students and others. All Ethnicities

Thank you for visiting 
River Valley Players! 

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