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June 9 & 10   7:30pm
  June 11  at 2:00 
Directed by     Lauren Frawley
Music Director     Jamie Wilson

Performance Dates 
June     9  &  10     7:30 pm
          June  11    2:00 pm       

We are proud to announce the Cast of School HouseRock!!!   


           Tom: Bobby Gaspardo          

  George: Avery Withers

  Joe: Taylor Rowe

  Shulie: Bella Gaspardo

  Dori: Daisy Fritz

We are grateful to the talented people who auditioned!

River Valley Players is proud to announce  “Schoolhouse Rock Live!,” directed by RVP scholarship recipient, Lauren Frawley. This musical is based on the catchy 1970s and 80s cartoons, with lyrics by various artists and book by George Keating, Scott Ferguson, and Kyle Hall.


  Show dates will be June 9, 10,   at 7:30 pm and June 11 at  2:00  pm 

                             at St. John’s Community Center in Henry. 

Auditions will be at St. John’s Community Center, 1302 Second St., Henry. Audition dates are Friday, March 24 at 6:30pm and Saturday, March 25 at 10:00am. For the audition, please prepare at least a 6 to 32 bar song in the style of the show. You may be asked to do a cold reading in your general audition that shows personality and a sense of humor. A dance audition will be included at auditions and callbacks, so please come dressed appropriately. Be sure to sign up for an audition slot using on the Google docs link .


We are seeking a cast of 6 to 8 diverse and versatile young performers ages 16 - 26   who are dynamic singers and dancers of all ethnicities with large personalities that feel comfortable singing in a variety of styles, including jazz, pop, and country. A willingness to improvise and interact with the audience is needed.

An elementary school teacher, who has just received his/her degree. Nervous about facing his classroom on the first day of school, he turns to the cartoon series he dearly loved for inspiration. He’s skeptical at times, but never cynical. Sings the bottom line in the score vocal range F2 through A-4.

The romantic side – caring, and in control. The leader of the group of characters. He really wants Tom to succeed, and he has a thing for Shulie. Sings the top line in the score; vocal range G4- C5.

Dori (Male or Female)
The goofy side – silly and unpredictable. Marches to his or her own drummer. Imaginative sometimes wacky, sometimes thoughtful. Sings the bottom line in the score vocal range F3 – E5.

The sweet/intelligent side – genuine and enthusiastic. She loves mouth. A delightfully nerdy ingénue. Sings the top line in the score vocal range G3 - B5.

The cool side – laid-back and fun loving. A little more grounded and mature than the rest, but still willing to be a goofball. Sings the middle in the score vocal range G2b- A4.

The mature/sassy side - the most sophisticated, thoughtful, and savvy of the group. She will tell you like it is, but she loves her goofy friends. Sings the middle line in the score vocal range F3 – E5.

We look forward to seeing you at auditions!  Please contact Lauren Frawley 815-503-7116 with any questions. 


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