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Performance Dates 

July 20, 21, & 22 !!!!




River Valley Players Youth Theatre artistic team wants to say “Bravissimo” for everyone doing such a great job during the audition process. It was not an easy task to cast this show with the enormous talent displayed. We are definitely going to have a fun and memorable summer.


There will be a parent meeting and first read through at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday May 23, at St John XXlll Community Center. It is very important to attend this meeting. Scripts, t-shirt order forms, video forms, and schedules will be handed out at this time.


RVP My Son Pinocchio JR. Cast List


Gepetto: Corbin Shaver


Pinocchio: Taylor Frawley


The Blue Fairy: Madison Stanbary


Rosa: Olivia Bergfeld


Viola: Taylor Compton


Arancia: Emma Kay Gaspardo


Sue: Bella Gaspardo


Stromboli: Preston Rowe


R Marionette: Mikayla Frawley


L Marionette: Rachel Eckert


Signora Lisi, Constratana, Signora Marino: Anna Rediger


Signora Alcomo, Signora Rosati: Lillian Sandberg 


Signora Giovani, Signora Fucito: Kayleigh Lafferty


Signora Mancini, Maria: Georgia Sharwarko


Signora Sommerella, Signora Pronto, Bernardo: Dayton Maubach 


Dante: Rayden Marliere


Agata, Marionette: Brynna Anderson


Francesca: Emily Culp


Fiorello, Boy #1,Brutto: Carter Williams


Adriana, Fox: Kaitlyn Anderson


Luigi (Name will be Luisa): Audrey Chambers


Gina, Fox Mother: Taylor Rowe


Lia: Isabelle Knuckey


Rica, Horse: Grace Anderson


Amelia: Elizabeth Knuckey


Salvatore: Logan Siegmann


Carla: Cora Stetson


Lucia, Girl #1, Sporco: Rylan Davis


Giuseppe: TJ Myers


Boy #2: Christopher Yee


Boy #3: Sayge Compton


Girl #2: Skylnn Frawley


Girl #3: Keira Zack


Professore Buonragazzo: Bobby Gaspardo


Junior: Mackenzie Stanbary


Talia: Trinity Frawley


Pig: Allison Real


Ring Leader: Jack Knisley


Malvolio: Mya Shaver


Marionette: Brooklynn Cotton


Town Children: Cohen Anderson, Brynna Anderson, Kaitlyn Anderson, Abigail Briggs, Audrey Chambers, Leah Chambers, Sayge Compton, Brooklynn Cotton, Ella Culp, Emily Culp, Rylan Davis, Brookelin Eaves, Mikayla Frawley, Skylynn Frawley, Trinity Frawley, Elizabeth Knuckey, Isabelle Knuckey, Abbie Myers, TJ Myers, Allison Real, Jordyn Rowe, Mya Shaver, Rylen Shaver, Logan Siegmann, Mackenzie Stanbary, Cora Stetson, Carter Williams, Keira Zack


Town Parents: Bobby Gaspardo, Jack Knisley, Christopher Yee, Anna Rediger, Georgia Sharwarko, Kayleigh Lafferty, Lillian Sandberg, Dayton Maubach

Directed by Robert Eckert & Christine Gaspardo

Produced by Charlotte Balensiefen



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