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On Stage 

Come and audition, 

many roles to try,

some sing, some dance ,some laugh, some cry.

We need all ages,

some short, some tall,

just come on in and give it your all. 

Auditions are held in person , you must come at a  specific time, but this gives you an example , click it to view it online!  

Behind the Scenes

Be an usher, do some hair,

help with costumes, help anywhere!

Help build a set or maybe  paint,

some work early, some work late.

The  dedication  goes untold

but the finished project

is  as good as gold. 

Volunteer Form


Live orchestra is a thing of the past , we're doing our best to make it last. 

There is nothing better              than live                        music you know,          

it warms your heart and fills your soul.  


Read the script, study the score

think it through, till you can think no more.

Directing is a beast all it's own, but if you have that talent let it be known! 

Director's Application 

 Music  Director 

Practice and polish and teach all the notes

Large groups, small groups, and even solos

Practice and preach to get it just right

The music will be perfect by opening night!

Thank you 
for visiting 
River Valley Players

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